More than merely organic

We are proud of being among the first in Italy to have obtained organic certification as early as the late 1980s.

We are certified by ICEA , member number H127, but our dedication to organic principles goes far beyond compliance with the regulations.

Despite the frequent changes to the regulations over the years, with organic standards becoming more flexible, we are proud of keeping faith with our own values, with artisan workmanship and top quality raw materials selected from a network of small suppliers, local wherever possible, and maximum respect for the fruits of the earth. Our aim has always been to obtain the most authentic possible result, a good, healthy, high quality product to satisfy the palates of our customers.
The need for “clean” things
Right from the start, the choice to go organic was based on the idea that in order to truly respect human beings it is necessary to establish a “clean” relationship with all creation and its Creator. Similarly, it is only possible to show respect for nature by creating truly clean products, starting with an inner cleanliness because every form of pollution originates, first and foremost, from pollution of values, from pollution of the human being.
QUALITY PRODUCTS – our guiding principles
1) Working with organic raw materials that are in season, harvested when they are perfectly ripe and chosen after careful selection of the supplier.
2) Processes involving manual stages, making possible better quality control of the work carried out and the ingredients used.
3) Low-impact processing, respecting the nature of the product, to ensure that nothing of what we have been given is lost.
4) The use of steaming equipment to ensure short cooking times and preserving almost of the original flavour, aroma , colour and beneficial properties of these fruits of the earth.
5) A total lack of chemicals, even when the regulations permit their use, such as antioxidants, thickeners, etc.
6) A total lack of preservatives. Bottled products are preserved by pasteurisation at nearly 100° with a minimum shelf life of 3 years.


"Mother Earth belongs to God and she loves her children. This is a bond that restores the harmony between people and agriculture and the things created”

These words, always printed on our labels, are an integral part of our brand La Madre Terra and they represent our identity.
Essentially these words mean recognising in the wonders and gifts of nature an act of love and benevolence on the part of the Creator to which we can only respond with love, giving life to a world of harmony and beauty.
The image shown on our brand label, a mother suckling her child, also emphasises how above all we intend to start with an act of love, a profound relationship of caring and belonging, from which it is possible to generate and develop positive relations with human kind and with creation.