...sharing our choices

The choice of going organic is reinforced by our choice to use mainly small Italian producers, preferably local and with a social function or businesses that follow the principle of fair trade and wish to escape the stranglehold of the monoculture and all its negative implications.

This is why we avoid following the mass marketing, one-size-fits-all model, offering quality rather than levelling out, putting people centre stage, starting with the weakest.
Wherever possible we try to offer products with a short supply chain, from the soil to the table, favouring as our suppliers agricultural businesses that, like us, are part of the Pope John XXIII Community network.
We feel it essential to get to know our suppliers in person, those concerns working in the fields to give life to our products. In addition to organic certification, it is vital for us to ensure our growers share our passion and care for Mother Earth and her fruits, and we enjoy getting to know the people working in these places and building a transparent relationship with common goals.
While our choices may threaten our cost competitiveness, we have made the conscious decision to favour the quality and authenticity of the product.
The reward we receive for all this and are able to offer our customers is authentic goodness.


Our workshop is now supplied by many enterprises that are part of the Pope John XXIII Association among them the agri-businesses Terra d'incontro in Montecassiano, Madre Terra farm in Bologna, Via del Monte Oliveto in Assisi, San Facondino in Rimini and il Pungiglione in Lunigiana.

Il Pungiglione whose name means literally “the sting” is not only a highly specialised bee-keeping concern, processing honey and beeswax and building hives, together with other carpentry, but it is also a real village welcoming people from a wide range of disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling them to become active workers for a fairer society.