A story of passion, relationships, quality and experience.
This the heart of our production workshop, around which revolves the entire organisation dealing with work and sharing with our “specially-abled” young people. All those marvellous, authentic and very special recipes emerge from our workshop and find their way to the tables of our many friends and customers.
A long impassioned story guided by the desire to do good things for everyone, starting with the good of the smallest ones. In 1987 we started off in what was once a little puppet theatre belonging to the parish, with very few vehicles and little equipment but we still managed to make top quality products working alongside people who were gradually recovering the joy of living, becoming leading players in all things good.
In 1995 we moved to our current proper workshop and in 2009 we managed to completely refurbish the premises and re-equip the workshop.
Today our workshop boasts a steam cooking system that enables products to be cooked at an even, constant temperature throughout the pan. This makes it possible to reduce cooking time and guarantees a finished product retaining all the flavour, aroma, colour and beneficial properties of the “fruits of the earth”.
We are constantly seeking to improve our equipment and production processes in order to create ever more healthy and tasty products working in such a way as to give everyone a leading role in in the process of transforming both the fruits of the earth and the people doing the job.
We often ensure that our tools and equipment are designed with our “specially-abled” people in mind rather than the other way round.
Our workshop guarantees quality and artisan flexibility as key factors, as well as ensuring high productivity. We respect the seasonal nature of the ingredients and the natural rhythms of the earth.
The experience and training we have acquired over the years enables us to create over 200 different recipes and to respond willingly and with creativity to new requests and to many small growers wishing to transform their fruit and vegetables into long-lasting, tasty recipes.
What is needed for us to continue producing good food is the perfect balance and alchemy between all the ingredients and aspects of the production process together with great passion, healthy, supportive relationships and a dedication to quality.


Pear jam was the first product to emerge from our kitchen workshop.

200 kilograms of pears, together with Damiano, Paolo, Claudio, Rosanna (one of them with cerebral palsy and three in wheelchairs) Fabio, Eros and Pino, all at work around a steel table given to us as gift and with a small saucepan on a gas cooker.
"We began this out of a sense of desperation faced with a society that offered us nothing” recalls Pino, continuing "...a little temporary work is always better than nothing, as a response to all those young people welcomed into our family homes, with a desire to make themselves useful and recover their dignity by working with their own hands. These needs, together with the incredible sense of solidarity and support made up the fertile ground that enabled us to grow in our work and in fraternity."