jam and marmelade

We produce them with organic Italian season fresh fruit (mainly local), with the only addition of brown sugar, with no pectin, no additives and no thickening agents added. They are obtained with fruit coming from organic farming and selected manually. An extremely homemade consolidated processing and the benefits of a steam system: the result is a product that will amaze you for its genuine taste and its natural texture. You will taste some jam that has the whole flavour of the fruit it is made of! But in case you may taste some jam we did not make ourselves, please check that it is made with fresh fruit and how much of it has been used to prepare it; try to avoid those that contain pectin (50% will be water) or other thickening agents or additives (substances that do not naturally belong to fruit). Only if we learn to be careful consumers we will be able not to be “bought” by the market… not all jams are the same!!