TOGETHER: helping each other and having fun

Working together and helping each other

In our workshop people with disabilities are a treasured asset. The people who organise the production process bring all their skills to bear, choosing machinery and working methods that ensure there is a place for everyone, above all for those normally rejected by the world of work.

Everyone has their own responsibilities, both large and small and everyone is asked to play their part.
To help us with this, every six months our educators devise new training projects aimed at stimulating and bringing out the hidden abilities and special talents of each person.

Having fun together
Work and relationship building are the ingredients making up our day at La Pietra Scartata. Recreational and educational moments alternate with the working routine. Theatre workshops, physical activities, dinners, walks and holidays together, football and volleyball tournaments and, above all, meeting with the Other in our daily prayer sessions, are some responses to the needs and right to a life of our people.


An experience of welcoming, work and sharing as an alternative to prison.

The Pope John XXIII Community has come up with an innovative project whose prime objective is the rehabilitation of prisoners, convinced that "a person is not just their mistake ".
The “Comunità Educante con i Carcerati” (CEC) (Educational Community for Prisoners) offers ex-prisoners the chance of rehabilitation with an educational course centred on forgiveness, altruism and responsibility.
The "Madre del Perdono" home started life in 2004, in the floor above our own workshop La Pietra Scartata, to offer this alternative course of rehabilitation in a family atmosphere.
An important part of the rehabilitation process is teaching people to do things for others and the activities carried out by our workshop offer a marvellous opportunity to do voluntary work alongside 20 people with disabilities, who prove to be excellent instructors, and at which they can follow specific vocational courses.
Since it started, this project has welcomed in 420 prisoners.
Only 8% of those who complete the CEC rehabilitation programme return to crime compared with an Italian national average of 70%.