Sulla Honey

Net weight: 400g
product code: MP09

Ingredients: Sulla honey

It is almost white and almost always crystallized (only after being collected it is not). It has a delicate smell and taste and it is known as the special honey for sportsmen, as it contains high quality fructose and numerous trace elements, such as zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese.
For this reason it is advisable before a training or a sport activity, as it is an extraordinary source of energy, that will be issued in a slow and constant way for the benefit of the muscular system being under stress.
We advise you to melt two good spoons of sulla honey in a cup with warm water and to drink the infusion before the training or the sport activity.
What’s more, sulla honey can also boast other benefits: it is laxative, it helps diuresis, it is tonic, depurative and it is advisable for skin applications against acne and pimples.
For its neutral and sweet taste, it can replace acacia in its uses, as acacia will not be available until next harvest, because of the very bad blossoming caused by a particularly rainy and hostile season.