Jam bonbonniere

Superior Apricot jam 230g
product code: BOMBO01

Content of the bonbonnière:

Superior organic apricot jam 230 g

Good, original, fair trade and top quality!
If you choose “La Madre Terra” products as a bonbonnière gift, you chose to support or better to take part in our project directly. Not an ordinary object, but a quality product processed and packed by special people.
It will be an opportunity to let all your friends and relatives know about a “different” reality that aims at showing that another kind of economy is possible, one that really wants everybody to have their own place.
It will also be an opportunity to bring the people you care about closer to real organic products, 360°… from love for earth to love and respect for humans, starting from those who are more in need.

In particular, in the picture you can see a 100 ml bottle of garlic aromatic oil packed for a confirmation. Available in different flavours and packaging.