Chickpea and cauliflower cream *Special offer*

Net Weight: 140g
product code: CR09

* TMC: 12/2017


Chickpeas 34%, cauliflower 31%, extra-virgin olive oil, scallion, lemon juice, apple vinegar, turmeric, sea salt.

The chickpea and cauliflower cream is one of the newborn creams. It combines all of autumn’s flavours into a delicate taste.

As the other creams, it is recommended to make pasta or risotto in a quick and easy way, to prepare tasty canapés or to give a special touch to your meat recipes. It is made by processing fresh season vegetables. Its flavour is enhanced thanks to the combination with curcuma, that “personalizes” the taste and is also recognized as a powerful antioxidant.

Once you have opened the product, keep refrigerated adding a tiny bit of oil on its surface.